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Innovative Legal Collaboration is at Our Core

Rich Young, CEO, LegalMaps Inc.

Rich Young

Founder & CEO

For over 20 years, Rich Young has focused on bringing engineering discipline to the management of high exposure legal and regulatory compliance risk.

As a Fortune 50 chief litigation officer, Rich saved over $20 million with a radically transparent approach to legal matter budgeting. Before that Rich served as partner with a national product liability defense powerhouse, defending the world’s largest companies in high stakes litigation.

Rich began his legal career at a Tokyo maritime law boutique, representing Lloyds of London and Mitsubishi, before joining Tokio Marine to manage litigation from Alaska to Patagonia. Rich has served on a variety of boards, most recently with the Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standards (LEDES) Operating Committee.

Gary Nelson, CFO, LegalMaps Inc.

Gary Nelson

Founder & CFO

Gary Nelson, chief financial officer, began his finance career at GE, moving to Honeywell through a series of financial manager and risk management roles. From there he served as vice president at Medtronic PLC, where he launched and led a Legal Operations and Risk Management unit for two decades.

Gary’s legal operations responsibilities focused on better transparency, improved efficiency and lower costs for the company’s legal function. He played an important role in helping the legal department manage its outside counsel spend through the implementation of an innovative preferred provider network and through the implementation of analytics, metrics and alternative fee arrangements. He also led significant legal technology projects such as the implementation of legal e-billing from law firms, contract management and the implementation of legal matter management.


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