Legal Spend


We help law firms
and corp legal depts
share data & collaborate
in a secure, online workspace.

Use Your Data

Stream fresh, detailed time and matter data by connecting to billing systems creating a forward-looking view for better decision support.

Easily Make Budgets

Simple, consistently formatted matter budgets. Easy to make. Easy to compare. Compliant wth LEDES and UTBMS billing standards.

Track Case Activity

Strategic decision support. Zoom in and view details of individual matters from anywhere in the platform allowing teams to visualize case outcomes as they happen and adjust resources earlier and with more confidence.

Easily Spot Trends

Analyze trends across entire portfolios for more strategic planning and forecasting

Leverage Your History

Provide teams with a simple framework to create budgets using historic outcomes and experience.

Actual v. Plan

Stay informed of real-time billing actuals displayed against budgets and forecasts. Continuously adjust forecasts and strategy as case factors change.

Data Based Decisions

Understanding the impact of important case factors and how teams are using their time is the key to making smarter decisions and creating better outcomes.

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