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We’re interested in applying engineering
concepts to improve litigation and compliance.
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Legal+Kaizen is a blog about the intersection of litigation, compliance, and process. We’re interested in ways that engineering concepts can be adapted to improve outcomes in legal matters. We’ve experienced the competitive edge that the considered application of tried and true engineering processes (e.g., root cause analysis, Kepner-Tregoe, 5-whys, Kaizen, and LEAN) can bring to litigation and compliance. We’re interested in hearing about, evaluating, innovating and sharing the effective ways that data is being used to improve litigation and compliance results.

Before founding LegalKaizen and the Legal+Kaizen blog, founder Rich Young had global, enterprise-wide responsibility for litigation and compliance at Johnson Controls, Inc., a Fortune 100 diversified business active in over 130 countries. Prior to that Rich was a partner with the nationally lauded trial law firm Bowman and Brooke, where the Fortune 100 bring their most challenging product liability and mass tort cases.

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