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Introducing LegalMaps

A collaboration platform for law firms and corporate legal departments focused on budgets, plans, forecasts, and decisions.

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See a Shared View of Your Legal Finances

Focus on Matters That Need the Most Attention

Reduce Costs and Achieve Better Outcomes

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We help corporate legal departments and law firms focus on the important stuff.
The things that impact results: strategy, team selection, budgets,
spend forecasts, and key decisions.

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Corporate Legal Departments

Report 10-15% Savings

Reduce Cost & Improve Predictability
Better, More Aligned Outcomes
Eliminate Financial Accrual Processes
Life of Matter Budgets
Align Reserves, Authority, Risk Analysis
Improved Forecasting Accuracy
Improved Cost Predictability

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Report 10-15% Improvement

Less Waste = More Profits-Per-Partner
Powerful Data-Based Pricing Tool
Utilize Historic Invoice Data
Efficient Resource Allocation
Shorten RFP Response Time
Reduce Unwanted Work Write-Downs
Minimize Non-Billable Tasks

“Light years ahead...”

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