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Legal Spend

  • "What I need to know is where my cases are today, where they're headed tomorrow, and what it'll cost to get there."

    GC | Social Media
  • "One of the biggest challenges facing General Counsel is accurately predicting legal spend."

    GC | Banking
  • "Light years ahead..."

    GC | Global Car Maker
  • "This is gold..."

    VP LegalOps | MedTech
  • "An automated tool for forecasting legal spend has been at the top of my wish list for a long time."

    CFO | SaaS
  • "Some outside counsel don't seem to understand that a 'surprise' $50,000 bill is worse than an expected $150,000 bill."

    GC | Automotive
  • "Eliminating the manual accrual process every quarter would be a game changer for our legal department."

    GC | Trucking
  • "Transparency in budgets, plans, and forecasts is good for both the corporate legal department and the law firm."

    LegalOps VP | AgriTech

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